The Faroe Islands have issued a new series of digital crypto stamps, with a digital copy stored on the blockchain as a nonfungible token (NFT) while still serving as actual postage. Each physical stamp has a digital version stored on the blockchain, which allows users to have a say in the creation of the stamp, adding to the rarity.

The Faroese postal service is known for its pioneering stamp designs and is now introducing the very first NFT stamps in the Nordics. Each NFT stamp is unique and impossible to copy, opening up a new and exciting area of collecting. Each stamp design represents a season and its associated element, showing their harmonious interplay with the fascinating Faroese climate. The digital stamp is linked to Veðurstova Føroya (The Faroese Weather Station).

Faroe Islands First NFT Crypto Stamps Set

This means that the weather in the Faroe Islands influences how the twin will look at the time of its activation. Each crypto stamp has a QR code to be used when the digital twin is activated. The activation time is entirely up to you – you can activate immediately or wait until the perfect moment arrives. It is, therefore, a kind of digital time capsule. Multi-artist Heiðrik á Heygum has been given the distinguished task of designing the first issue of the Stamps of Maybe. The motif of the four seasons looks pretty appropriate for this occasion. Published in limited edition. Max 3 pr. customer. Date of issue 23 June 2023.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter

In this series, Heiðrik á Heygum gives us his unique view of the four seasons in the Faroe Islands. He does so with four beautiful picture collages or bouquets, as we can also call them, representing the year’s seasons. Each bouquet contains flowers, various other plants, birds, and animals. The Faroese have always been very attached to nature and nature’s resources, as evidenced in these nft crytpo stamps set.