The first digital NFT crypto stamps of BotswanaPost was released on December 7th, 2022. The new stamps feature a total of five (5) stamps from the historic series “Five Decades’ Favorite Stamps,” which were issued by BotswanaPost in 2016 illustrating themes that reveal Botswana’s environmental, cultural and historical heritage.

The collectors of these digital stamps will have a superior benefit compared to the owners of physical postage stamps issued in the past that is a lifetime opportunity to win one or several unique annual real travel experiences to visit Botswana and truly enjoy its beauty, hospitality and spirit!

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The first Chad crypto stamp was released in 2021 by @Stamperija and Ivan Mikolji which have formed an eco-educational coalition to promote awareness and love of nature through collectible NFT stamps.

Each NFT stamp will feature an existing physical stamp in digital format.

A portion of each sale will go to the Green Earth Alliance for habitat restoration efforts to protect the environment. Minted on the fully carbon-neutral Algorand blockchain

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The first African NFT crypto stamps collection was created on February 1st, 2022 – Ivory Coast Historic Serie 1 collection that includes three NFT stamps from the 2005 edition with traditional African masks called ‘Masque Dan’, ‘Masque Zamble’ and ‘Masque De Gu’ still serving as an important role in local rituals and ceremonies.

“By recreating over 100 years of African philatelic heritage in NFT format, we aim to revive and introduce the philatelic values to the existing global philatelic community as well as to the young NFT enthusiasts.”

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