BotswanaPost – Stamp Issuing Policy

Botswana maintains a conservative issuing policy. A definitive set is released every 5 years illustrating a theme of international interest. Commemorative sets are issued 4 or 5 times per year illustrating themes that reveal the environmental, cultural and historical heritage.

Botswana Crypto Stamps

The first digital NFT stamps of BotswanaPost was released on December 7th, 2022. The new stamps feature a total of five (5) stamps from the historic series “Five Decades’ Favorite Stamps,” which were issued by BotswanaPost in 2016 illustrating themes that reveal Botswana’s environmental, cultural and historical heritage.

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Philatelic Services

The Botswana Philatelic Bureau established in 1965, is responsible for the designing and issuing of Botswana`s stamps. The Concept, design and printing of the stamps are alaways of high standard and reflect a balance of interests, with a preference for themes and events that bear relevance to Botswana`s historical development and its` economic and social activities.

Commemorative Stamps are issued 4 times per year, typically with 4-6 stamps in the set, and occasional with an associated miniature sheet. An Official First Day Cover accompanies each issue. Definitive Stamps are issued once every 5 years. An Official First Day Cover accompanies each issue. Certain Special Events may be recognized by a Commemorative Hand Stamp at the discretion of the Stamp Advisory Committee.

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